Who is Caenna MacDuart?

(ken-UH mac-DOO-urt)

An intuitive Tarot reader since 1994, Caenna uses her decades of experience as a registered nurse, mental health counselor and Reiki II practitioner to help others on their healing journey.

Castle Duart, Caenna’s ancestral home, on the Isle of Mull, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

The wisdom and intuition inherited from her Celtic ancestors has taught her that holistic healing – a focus on the Mind/Body/Spirit connection – empowers people to begin their own healing journeys.

Caenna uses multiple healing tools in each Shadow Work reading:

  • Dynamic Tarot,
  • Chakra (SHA-krah) integration, and
  • Animal Spirit medicine.

The unique combination of these healing practices allows the Journeyer to work with Caenna, uncovering each individual’s inner wisdom and strengths.

Caenna MacDuart
Caenna MacDuart

By exploring and healing the Shadow, we move forward into the Light.

Caenna uses her 4+ decades of experience as a registered nurse, mental health counselor and Reiki II practitioner, plus the wisdom and intuition inherited from her Celtic ancestors, to help others begin their Healing Journey. Caenna’s focus is on holistic healing – Mind/Body/Spirit. She combines Tarot, Chakra Integration, and Animal Spirit Medicine in a unique new way to empower people to explore their Shadow – the parts of themselves that are hidden and/or unseen. When we begin to heal our shadows, we begin to embrace our light.

Dynamic Tarot

  • Actively choosing Cards in response to specific pre-determined questions.
  • Using our symbolic right brains to uncover relationships between the images on the Cards.
  • Interpreting those relationships to tell a story and get to know our Shadow.
  • We don’t shuffle or deal the Cards – instead, we CHOOSE the Cards.
  • We don’t use a pre-determined spread – instead, we CREATE the spread.
  • We don’t formulate a question – instead, we USE specific, pre-determined questions.
  • Nothing is random or passive – everything is intentional and dynamic.
  • Our unconscious Shadow mind already has the answers we seek.
  • By studying the Card relationships that we create, we will highlight what is hidden in our Shadows.
  • By using our right brain’s knowledge of symbols, we will uncover what is hidden in our Shadows.
  • WE will dynamically bring our Shadows into the Light.

The word ‘Chakra’ is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel.’ Chakras are energy centers in the human body that align with distinct nerve bundles and organs, and vibrate or spin to keep the Mind, Body, and Spirit in a state of health. One or more blocked chakras means the life force energy cannot flow properly, resulting in an imbalance.

There are 7 main Chakras that run in a straight line from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each Chakra corresponds to a different energy wavelength on the color spectrum, from red light at the base to purple light at the forehead, and clear white light at the top.

The goal of Chakra integration is to determine which Chakra may be out of balance or most activated during a Dynamic Tarot reading, so the Journeyer can begin to focus on that aspect of the Shadow that needs healing.

Each of us has an intuitive connection to the Natural World, and each Dynamic Tarot reading is guided by a specific Animal Spirit. We can think of them as the Guardian of our Shadow and invite them to walk beside us as we move through our Shadow Journey, using their Medicine as both protective and empowering.